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Bid splitting from 1 MW

As of November 2021, the introduction of standard products should be implemented. The change concerns the reduction of the minimum bid size from 5 MW to 1 MW and the pricing in EUR/MW/h. Regelleistung confirmed shortly before the planned date (November), the postponement of the launch of standard products to 08 December. The 1 MW minimum bid size therefore applies from 07.12. (Gate Open) for 08.12. (provision day) also for the energy market.

Therefore, we have implemented an option to split bids in our bid generator.

For example, you can divide a 20MW bid into 1x 20MW, 2x10MW, 7MW+7MW+6MW, 4x5MW, … 20x1MW. Individually as it suits you. This setting option is available in the front-end.

Via addressing the API you can choose the bidding breakdown completely freely. E.g. 20MW as 3MW+17MW or 7MW+4MW+9MW, …. all options are open.

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