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FlexPowerHub is the central, digital platform for companies participating in the balancing energy market in Europe. We are the hub for your market positioning and the fully automated commercialization of your flexibilities.

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Brief insight into the balancing energy market

The balancing energy market ensures a balanced and stable power grid. If this gets out of balance, it could lead to a BLACKOUT. This can act like the “straw that breaks the camel’s back” – a very fragile matter.

In order to meet the different needs of stabilization, the balancing energy market consists of 3 markets: the very short-term primary market (reaction in the range of seconds), the secondary market (here energy is switched on/off within minutes) or the tertiary market (with this, coarser, longer-term deviations are smoothed). If too much energy is demanded or too little is produced, this is called positive control energy => more electricity must be produced and fed into the grid. If too much energy is produced or too little is demanded, this is referred to as negative balancing energy; electricity production must be reduced and/or consumption increased. The transmission system operator (TSO) – in Austria APG (Austrian Power Grid) – is responsible for monitoring and controlling how much energy is used when by which market – and thus for stabilizing the power grid.

Due to the energy transition with the trend towards renewable energies, the relationship between electricity production and consumption can often become unbalanced. This requires flexible participants in the electricity market – especially in the balancing energy market. However, the requirements and complexity for participation are already very high. As early as the 1st half of 2022, there will be another change in the balancing energy market – first in Germany and Austria and by the end of 2024 throughout Europe. With this EU regulation to be implemented, a huge challenge is coming for the balancing energy participants – the complexity and frequency of their actions will be at least 16 times higher than before the change.

This is where FlexPowerHub comes into play… we help the already participating companies and also want to make it as easy as possible for smaller companies or associations to the swarm power plants (so-called VPPs) to participate in the balancing energy market and take away the complexity as far as possible with the help of automated processes.

Optimizeyour auction strategy with FlexPowerHub

Regardless of whether you are a full professional or a future participant in the balancing energy market – FlexPowerHub offers useful services for every participant. From simple bid calculation with our forecasts to automated workflows in bid submission. We can map the different workflows.

Future participants in the balancing energy market

As an operator of flexible plants, benefit from our DeepLearning forecasts and automatic bid calculation.

Digitization bidding process

Do you already participate in the balancing energy market, but see potential for improvement in your process?

Full automation of existing processes

Automated workflows, controllable interfaces, etc. Define individual workflows with FlexPowerHub and optimize your existing bidding.


Comprehensive connectivity through a modern interface infrastructure and cooperation with established stakeholders enable a wide range of services & functionalities that can be quickly and easily docked to internal processes.

Advantages withFlexPowerHub


Good market understanding through automatically updated & transparent visualization of data. Dashboard with reports and download function, and much more.


State-of-the-art DeepLearning forecasts for balancing markets and more, taking into account weather data and many other parameters.


Create and store strategies per asset with individual requirements. Automatic retrieval of parameters or integration of your own marginal cost restrictions via our API interfaces.


Fully automate the entire bidding process, starting from your core system with actual flexibilities, till the final submission of optimal bids at your TSO, through API connectivity.


Through automation, you can focus on the more tactical elements of the market and eliminate sources of error through manual interference.


A SMART & automated participation in the market increases revenues through information advantage and intelligent systems.

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