Power is Digital & Green


FlexPowerHub is a brand of cognify GmbH and enables potential market participants uncomplicated and future-proof access to Europe’s energy markets. Fully automated & individual workflows enable a time-saving and process-safe commercialisation of flexibilities. Comprehensive connectivity through a modern interface landscape and cooperation with established stakeholders enable a broad service spectrum that can be easily docked onto internal processes. Based on the latest forecasting methods, your assets are thus used in a way that optimizes revenue and portfolio.

Dr. Norbert Walchhofer

Data Scientist & cognify CEO
Norbert Walchhofer, founder and CEO of cognify GmbH is the analytical mind behind FlexPowerHub and has realized numerous projects in the research, industry, retail, IT and energy sectors in his career. Norbert is convinced that future players can only distinguish themselves on the market through information advantage and intelligent systems.

Martin Simmerstatter

Managing Partner
Numbers, processes, marketing & products are the things Martin Simmerstatter burns for. Martin lives for the realization of ideas and goals, nevertheless a motivated team and a great working atmosphere have top priority for him. Joining a start-up in a completely new industry as a partner is a challenge exactly to his taste.

Fabian Zapf

Product Owner

Arnold Keller

Team Leader

Yvonne Jelinek

Sales & Marketing

Manuel Mosleitner

Sales & Marketing

Daniel Hofstetter

Team Leader

Andreas Ziegler

Data Scientist & BE-Developer


FE Developer

Michael Kastner

Cloud Architect