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Backtesting – Compare revenues of different strategies and forecasts

I should havewho wouldn’t like to know in retrospect how it would have gone if…?

With our backtesting tool you can answer exactly these questions. Create multiple strategies in the bid generator for the same asset, but with different parameters such as a different risk percentile, a different call probability, e.g. 20MW vs. 1MW bids, or different underlying forecasts. With backtesting, you can view the revenues in the capacity market (RLM) and energy market (RAM) incl. the probability rate. This means that the nothing stands in the way  of re-sharpening, revenue optimization or seasonal adjustment of strategies.

Fact-based analysis made easy – smartly solved with FlexPowerHub


  • Open the Bid Generator
  • Duplicate existing strategy and adjust individual parameters
  • Save strategy separately – e.g. with note “Risk 80%” in strategy name
  • Call backtesting and select desired comparison period = >START
  • Bid-level analysis on the website or download as CSV, XSLX, or JSON
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