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Digitization of your bidding processin the balancing energy market

Digitize your existing bid processes with FlexPowerHub. As a participant in the balancing energy market, you are facing some profound changes with the future market design – therefore benefit from our full-service solution.

Automated bidding with the bid manager

Manual bid submission via CSV upload, email, fax & phone is time consuming and error prone. Our Bid Manager sends your bids via the interfaces to the respective transmission system operator and you receive the return results back into the system. This will save you valuable time.

In our Bid Manager, you can validate and release your created bids on a daily basis using the 4-eyes principle. It is also possible to create individual workflows and automate the entire auction process.

ad-hoc bidding

Trigger the bid calculation in the bid generator ad-hoc, check all automatically calculated bids and trigger the transmission of the bids to the TSOs manually.

manual work-flow

Create a work-flow and have bids calculated automatically at the desired time, but check them manually (e.g. 4-eyes principle) and trigger the transmission to the TSO with a click.

automated work-flow

In this case, there is nothing more to be done manually. In the background, everything happens completely automatically. The interfaces are called (schedule, marginal price & forecast updated) and the bids are transmitted to the TSO at the desired time.

Revenue optimized bid calculationwith our Bid Generator

With the Bid Generator we provide you with a powerful tool to calculate your strategies in an optimized way. Create unique and individual strategies for your assets, or map the entire capacity in one strategy. Customized & matching bids are automatically generated for you. In addition, scheduled reports can be created and sent directly by e-mail.


With our backtesting, invested strategies can be evaluated up to one month back. This allows different strategies to be compared against each other.

Individual parameterization

Bids are calculated based on your individual parameters. Determine their own risk percentile or marginal cost of the asset in question.

Free Bids

Deposit individual free bid strategies for the energy power market. You can readjust and release these until just before the TSOs close.

Months of implementation time?Not with FlexPowerHub

Our web-based application can be integrated into your system very quickly – 3-5 person days depending on the size of the modules. No interfaces need to be “implemented” for pure bid calculation with our forecasts. We use REST API interfaces to connect to your leading management system. Our phase plan allows the connection to be carried out using technical documentation.


Start fully automated as a participant in the balancing energy market. With our Data-Service you have the possibility to import your own price time series, forecasts and own schedules. For the bid calculation FlexPowerHub can thereby automatically collect the volume & marginal costs. This eliminates the need for manual delivery of bids.

TSO - interface

A dedicated interface to your transmission system operators? – With FlexPowerHub you can place bids through our interface. All results of the auctions – the awarding – are reported back to your system.

FlexPowerHub as a strategic partner forfuture market design changes

With special regard to the new market design PICASSO & MARI, we map all modalities in FlexPowerHub. Future changes will be adopted by us. FlexPowerHub is constantly being further developed. Relieve internal IT and save valuable time & costs.

More about PICASSO & MARI

Put your bids closer to the optimum withour DeepLearning forecasts

We offer a broad portfolio of forecasts for the balancing energy markets in Austria & Germany. More countries will be added in 2022 – with an eye on PICASSO & MARI’s roadmaps.

FlexPowerHub forecasts

We offer a wide range of static and dynamic forecasts for the balancing power markets. To achieve this, the focus is on 3 target variables: energy price, capacity price and retrieval rate.

Forecasts Info Variant
MOST_RECENT Previous day's or latest available ACTUAL value -
MOVING_AVERAGE Historical mean value of the last X days 30 days
MEDIAN_DELTA Starting from a stationary time series ("mean reverting"), the median trend of the last X days is calculated and vice versa. 3 - 5 days
FPH_DEEPLEARNING dynamic DeepLearning Prognose for SRL & TRL 1 - 2 days

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