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Workflow optimization through FlexPowerHubBenefit from our services

With the switch to 15-minute products in RAM, manual bidding becomes virtually impossible. With FlexPowerHub, create workflows based on asset-specific schedules to automate the entire process from calculation to bid submission.

Save Time
Time Saving & Fast

Save valuable time in bidding with our fully automated solution – without manual intervention.

Connective & Modular

“API-First” – a wide range of interfaces offers you an optimal control option.


From bid calculation to back-processing of award results.

Simple connection and control viastate-of-the-art interfaces

Our web-based service (SaaS) eliminates the need to install additional software. Unlike implementing elaborate software, FlexPowerHub can be fully connected to your leading system and go live in a matter of days.


Our data service allows you to import your own price time series such as available power, current marginal costs, schedules of various assets, comparative prices such as spot market or forecasts. This means that at any time you have the data for parameterization from your leading system directly connected to the automatic bid calculation.

TSO - interface

We take care that the interface to the TSO is up to date and adapted to the new market design. This means that your in-house IT no longer has to make any adjustments. Sit back and auction your flexibilities at any time via our interface to the respective TSO and back into your system.

Via the workflows, you only decide when to update and transmit to the TSO. Our software does the rest.

Individually created strategiesin the Bid Generator

Create one or more individual strategies per asset. Parameters such as volume, cost of goods sold, etc. are automatically updated via the Data-Service. From the individual and automatic control of the decisive parameters in conjunction with DeepLearning forecasts, you can reach the optimum in bidding with almost no effort.

API - Service

With the API interfaces, strategies can also be controlled & readjusted during operation. For example, change the risk percentile, forecast selection, quantity or bid splitting.


Stored strategies in the Bid-Generator can be evaluated via the backtesting function. Revenues from RLM and RAM incl. of the retrieval rate are calculated for you. With the export function as XLSX, CSV or JSON, simple comparison histories can be built up.

Individual degree of automationwith our Bid-Manager

The Bid-Manager is used to release bids and transmit them to the respective TSO. This can be done in three different ways:

  1. Trigger the bid calculation in the bid generator ad-hoc and manually trigger the transmission of the bids to the TSOs.
  2. create a  work-flow  and have bids calculated automatically at the desired time, but check them  manually (e.g., 4-eyes principle) and trigger transmission to the TSO with a click.
  3. create a  work flow and have bids automatically calculated and transmitted to the TSO at the desired time.

After the auction has taken place, the results of the biddingare transferred back to the Bid-Manager and visualized in the market cockpit. This data can be automatically transferred to the control centers via the API service. This enables seamless further processing.

FlexPowerHub as a strategic partner forfuture market design changes

With special regard to the new market design PICASSO & MARI, we map all modalities in FlexPowerHub. Future changes will be adopted by us. FlexPowerHub is under constant development. Relieve internal IT and save valuable time & costs.

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